$BLOCK is the native cryptocurrency of BlockParty, an NFT project that lives on the Solana blockchain.

There are two main ways of obtaining $BLOCK:

1) Through staking of party block NFTs on the official BlockParty staking platform

2) Purchasing it from the decentralised exchange Raydium

$BLOCK will be used as payment for many things in the BlockParty ecosystem such as:

1) Minting Gen1 (total supply of 400) and Gen2 (total supply of 200) Residents

2) Customisations of existing party block NFTs (addition and customisation of billboards and signs)

3) Securing a building on the interactive map

$BLOCK’s price and volume will also be maintained and increased through:

1) Buying back and burning $BLOCK using 50% of secondary NFT sales

2) Buying back and burning $BLOCK using 50% of BlockDAO profits

3) Buying back and burning $BLOCK using 80% of the revenue generated from BlockParty’s future game

These buybacks and burns will ensure that $BLOCK:

1) Maintains a high trade volume

2) Keeps increasing in price

With such solid tokenomics, there is little doubt that $BLOCK, along with all BlockParty NFTs, will keep increasing in value.

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