BlockParty Raffle: Astrals

Here’s your chance to win this Astral from BlockParty!

This is a description of the project taken from their Magic Eden page.

10,000 unique 3d avatars, 200 traits, 16 races, 3500 PX renders with masterfully crafted lore. Astrals is a community-driven project with aspirations of galactic proportions featuring the incredible character design art of Damien Guimoneau. Each Astral is your gateway to our Galaxy DAO and to stake to mine $GLXY – our governance token. Our goal as a community will be to bridge the gap between Solana and the Universe.

With such stunning art and impressive utility, this NFT is definitely something that you’ll want to get your hands on.

Click here for official details about how to enter the raffle.

  • Each raffle ticket costs 3 $BLOCK (BlockParty’s native cryptocurrency)
  • You may buy as many tickets as you like
  • All $BLOCK used to purchase raffle tickets will be burned

Good luck!

Click the links below to learn more about Astrals.

Magic Eden




Please note that this raffle ends at 7pm UTC on 19th March 2022.



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