Feeling Lucky? Join This BlockParty Raffle And Win!

BlockParty is raffling away a CET ON CRACK! Raffle tickets are paid for in $BLOCK and can be bought from Raydium or earned through staking party block NFTs.

Each ticket costs 5 $BLOCK tokens, and you can buy as many tickets as you want!

CETS ON CRACK is a fun NFT project that features artwork of cats on crack.

This is their description on Magic Eden:

It’s just a bunch of crecked cets, who’re upto a whole of rat shit that are livin’, and chillin’ and vibin’ together. They’re picking bullshit catfights, posting their own mugshots, cat calling the cops and stirring whatever they can to keep the high going.

At the time of writing, they have a floor price of 5 $Sol (405 $USD) and a total volume of over 20000 $Sol – impressive statistics for such a new project!

It is worth noting that all $BLOCK tokens that are used to participate in this raffle will be burned. Couple this with the fact that there will only ever be 4,280,000 $BLOCK tokens (less than 25% of Bitcoin’s maximum supply), and you’ll see how significant this really is.

Since the tokens will be burned, they will not go back into the pockets of the team. This, in effect, means that the CET ON CRACK has been donated by the BlockParty team for the sole purpose of making sure that the price of $BLOCK remains healthy.

Such a move is highly indicative of the BlockParty team since it shows that they truly care about the long-term growth of this project.

If you want to invest in a project with a strong team, you know what to do!

Click here for instructions on how to join this raffle.

Please note that this raffle ends at 7pm UTC on 16th March 2022. If you’re reading this article after this date, this raffle is over. It is worth keeping your eyes open for future BlockParty raffles though!



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